I Guess I Should Post Some Photos…

Today I had the option of going out to take photos, organising my external hard drive, or going on a date. I chose to organise my hard drive, but it’s funny that I still feel guilty for not doing one of the other two.

I’ve made good headway but it’s still all over the place. I have multiple copies of everything, then there’s the edited and unedited versions. I made the right choice, I think. I might start posting in themes for a little bit until I either get my 120mm back or go out to take photos again.

I will start with this set. These are from the Spiral Jetty area of the Great Salt Lake. These are the very first set of photographs I took with my 35mm Pentax K1000 that I had gotten used from E-bay. I took these almost a year ago. I like the way they turned out even though they might be a little overexposed and have light leak issues. I’m still working all of that out but I had fun experimenting with film for the first time in 15 years. Next I’ll be trying my hand at developing my own negatives. I might have to get a roll of 12 that I can experiment with so I don’t get upset that I wasted a roll of 36 on it. (which is what I have in the camera now) Maybe I’ll brave it.

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