The First Day of the Rest of My Life

I pull up to my usual place at the Great Salt Lake and I see that the parking lot is open and there are a bunch of trailers parked outside of Saltair. There is a sign saying something about film crews and the name of the film. (I forgot to jot the name down) I was worried that if I were to go and wander as I usually do that I would be in the way, so I asked a few members of the film crew if it was okay to enter the premises. One guy said that I could do what I want, and that it’s public property. He said that if anybody gave me shit about it I could tell them to piss off. He said “You don’t need to ask permission.” I told him that was exactly the way I was going to live my life from here on out. 😉

He’s the guy on the left.

A lot of these are similar to the photos I got the other day. I come here frequently to see if I like the cloud cover or to see if the water levels have changed giving a slightly different look, (I can tell anyway)…and sometimes I go just because I need to get out of the house.

This video was my favourite part though, walking in that water looking down at my feet while the water was rushing past was very surreal.

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