“You Cannot Find Peace by Avoiding Life”-Virginia Woolf

I had some obligations yesterday but because I had been working so much and the day off I did have last week was not very well spent, I decided to treat myself to a mini road trip. I’ve had a bad couple of months which was kind of distressing to me because I thought I had finally found the meaning and the path to self fulfilment. I was at a point where I felt that I didn’t need anybody to make me happy, that I created my own happiness. I’ve come to realise that happiness is elusive, it seems to evolve and needs to be reinvented occasionally and I need to do the same. Road trips help though and I’m thinking that won’t change. 😉

I had mentioned that I didn’t get many photos yesterday on my digital camera because they were mostly film shots (5 rolls) then I went to edit and I had at least 50 shots, so uh, hopefully when I get my film processed they won’t seem redundant, however, I have tried to take different shots with each camera. I tried color film in my medium format camera for the first time and I like how it has different dimensions than the 35mm causing me to have to change my technique for composition. So I had a system, and it probably looked ridiculous with me carrying around 3 cameras, but I was doing 120mm for color shots, 35mm for b&w, and my digital for wide angle shots, so hopefully they won’t all just be repeats.

These cows were cracking me up, they would not get off of the road and when they finally did they were looking at me as if to remind me that I was on their turf.


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