Different Perspective

Some days seem like the worst until you look at them from a different perspective. I went to the town of Manti on Easter Sunday. I had fun with my son, he likes to visit the beautiful buildings across the state and take tours if available, but I realised there is nothing in that little town except the Mormon temple that has been photographed thousands of times. I can’t really be original on that front and I decided to scrap the whole day as a loss. Today I decided to take another look at my photos from that day and they aren’t as bad as I remembered them being…but I’ll let you decide that for yourself. 😉


  1. These are great! Remember just because something is photographed a lot doesn’t mean everyone has seen it 😊 or that your pictures aren’t unique with amazing perspective-

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    1. Thank you, that’s very true. I love when you send me photos of the amazing plants that might seem commonplace to people around you but you’re showing me a completely different world. I never thought of it that way. ❤️


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