I’ve deactivated my social media accounts for good

If you get anything that looks to be from me, it isn’t. My phone and accounts have been hacked. I will no longer be on social media for this reason. I’ll remain on my blog but that’s it. I have reason to believe that my personal photos have also been compromised. I already reported this to the authorities 2 months ago but they said there was nothing they could do. Please contact me if you get something from what appears to be me. Thank you.


    1. Thanks Steve, I’ve been trying to manage and try to stay sane and try and not let it bring me down. That’s the reason I keep deleting my social media and then opening it again because I’ve been determined to keep trying. I thought they were just trying to intimidate me but I’ve come to the realization what real and lasting damage they could do without penalty to themselves. This is something I can’t leave to chance anymore.


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